PHP/Apache installation problem

I am trying to install PHP5 on windows XP with apache web server - v 2.2.4 -
When trying to run script from Firefox i I got the message::
You don't have permission to access /php/php-cgi.exe/test.php on this server.
Can any one assist with that issue?
See configuation files
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syedasimmeesaqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure that you have the correct permissions on you php folder. You have to provide the read, write permissions on php folders for the internet guest accounts
Check your settings against the installation document from php

Btw no config-files attached httpd.conf should be enough and where you installed php on your local server.
whats this path? /php/php-cgi.exe/test.php
did you try to run the script under php/test.php first?
I'm not sure why you have the path specified as you do, PHP files can sit just fine right in the document serve directory just as index.html would (unless you require more organization ie. a fair sized site). A good pointer for PHP install, as long as you are installing on Windows, use the msi installer after apche is installed, you pass off the apache conf directory to php install and it configures every for you.

Another observation I made is "php-cgi.exe"; if you are trying to use common gateway interface ensure you've configured apache to allow it, I do not recommend using CGI myself.
tamirmiloAuthor Commented:
The problem is with permission of the folder. I am un-ticking the box of the read only but, it comes back...wiered.
Any way, Thanks!
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