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Where to find a 1-1 NAT router?

Does anyone know of a model router that does 1-1 NAT that I can find locally?  Like at a Best Buy, Circuit City etc.?  Maybe like a Linksys or a Netgear?
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How about free in an old 2 NIC PC?

Check out ClarkConnect


IPCop also has such.

1 to 1 NAT is generally not available in home use mass produced consumer broadband routers picked up off the shelf at Best Buy etc.



What does this Clark Connect stuff install on?
Do you only have 1 internal client that you want to perform 1 to 1 with or many internal and external IP addresses?

Do you always want to map the same external address to the same internal address?

There are many ways to do this with any old PC 486 or newer.  386 may even run this type of firewall/gateway if you don't install X.  Here's a brief configuration sample for 1 to 1 NAT using netfilter/iptables.  netfilter and iptables is built into pretty much any recent Linux distribution.

I've been really pleased with the m0n0wall open source FreeBSD based firewall/gateway.  It has a great firewall rules administrator and here's a link to it's capability for 1 to 1 NAT:

I'm personally running m0n0wall as a VM in VMware workstation.  I have a trunked ethernet port to my host machine, so I've got a number of segregated Layer 2 networks, and m0n0wall ties together some of them, while providing all of them with Internet access.  It can also run on both embedded PCs as well as standard PC hardware.  And it's free!
CC installs on any old PC with 2 NICs. It is a complete ISO install.

The group is very helpful and the docs are good.

Not bad for free and OPenSource.


Well, he asked about 1 to 1 NAT routers. An answer was provided. He then asked what CC installs on... franked_it suggested monowall.

I'd say the question was answered and with out any further comments from the author or without any other specifications from the author.

Point should be split. I disagree with a deletion as it stands now.


I guess you are not going to buy a 1 to 1 router from BestBuy or Circuit City, etc.