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On shuting down XP I get error message " drwin.exe - dll ........"

ozgary asked
On shuting down XP I get error message " drwin.exe - dll ........" It flashes by very quickly.
What is drwin.exe? Machine has been checked for viruses and spyware.
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as far as i know drwin.exe is part of the Dr. Watson utility, and is part
of the process for the error reporting function.
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First, make sure you're current with Windows Updates - in some instances I've seen them fix this error.

maxis2cute is right on with this being part of the Dr. Watson - it's actually part of the Dr. Watson error reporting.  There are various programs that could be causing this error to appear.  The below link explains how to open the dwtsn32 error log and find out what apps are conflicting with it:

You could turn off error reporting, but that won't solve the underlying problem.  Find out what program is causing the conflict, then reinstall that program.


Is not Dr Watson dwwin.exe .
But I have drwin.exe.
Are you saying it is the same thing?
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After a bit more review (from this link):
I have a few more suggestions.  First, the Windows updates as stated above.  Next, download and install CCleaner (www.ccleaner.com), run both its cleanup and registry cleaner functions.  Reboot.  If the problem still occurs, then get into narrowing down the program causing the error.
The program is usually logitech or gravis gamepad

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