XP Client cannot log onto domain after the dc has been dc promo down and back up?

DC had problems with replicating so needed to dcpromo down and back up to fix.  All went good.  The same name was used.  All ok.  Sysvol and Netlogon also created etc.  DHCP still avail.  DNS ok.  Now the clients that authenticate with the DC cannot log onto domain after they have been rebooted.  Says: "Windows cannot connect to the domain because controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found. "
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Hi mpamertech,

Do you have only one domain controller? Then you will have to rejoin client computers to domain, because new domain controller has no knowledge of your client computers.


mpamertechAuthor Commented:
It is part of domain with many domain controllers but this specific one for this specific site.  AD that was recreated after dcpromo of server.  In AD it shows all the pc's from this site properly populated.  I am trying to avoid rejoining them as i would need to reconfigure items in the users profile again.  Any thoughts on all pc's nice and neat in AD but still not able to log on.  As a matter a fact in DHCP they still exist as well with the lease they were assinged before.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Did you try to reset computer account in AD? Right click, reset?

You can use netdom utility also:
"How To Use Netdom.exe to Reset Machine Account Passwords of a Windows 2000 Domain Controller "
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the easiest way to do this is right click my computer and go to properties... go to computer name tab and take the computer out of the domain...it will prompt for username and password but should still be cached....reboot then put the computer back into the domain again.
mpamertechAuthor Commented:
reset didnt work from AD (right click computer  - reset) even though it said it was done ok.  still cannot log into domain from the client itself..  still trying to avoid taking pc completely out of domain and back in.  if i am not mistaken taking it out will also remove the profiles.  (no roaming profiles, just profies created after login to domain but msot already have some user specifics set up)
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Netdom didn't work also?

User profile paths can be configured in registry:

"How to restore a user profile in Windows 2000"
mpamertechAuthor Commented:
ok i did a test with 1 pc by disjoining from domain and joining it back.  that worked without removing the user profile which is good.  As that worked i applied the same resolve to the other clients.  i should add that in AD at the moment of disjoining it disables the computer account marked with a red x.  this seems to not have any influence on the ability for the pc to log in again even after rebooting a few times.  which i thought was strange.  i enabled them again just to be sure.  Only 1 pc gave the same problem for some reason after which i once again had to disjoin and rejoin.  The red x of course appeared again.  That one i will leave like that to see if there are any conquences with that.  The others have been activated again and don not seem to be giving the same problem again.  I will update again tommorow on this.  But feel free to add any comments that you think might be the reason why when it put a red x on it after disjoining it did not give a problem logging in again.  It is not like the clients appeared somewhere else with the same name.  That probably wouldnt even be possible as the name already exists.  your feedback is appreciated.

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