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Best way to backup vmware

lkuhner asked
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Last Modified: 2016-10-27
I want to know the best way to backup vmware. We are using acronis on the other servers. Will that work here? What about the snapshot feature.
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Snapshots are great but I don't rely on them for backups. You can use acronis on a virtual machine in vmware. I have used it in vmware and virtual server 2005 r2. I have also used to migrate and move vm's between platforms as well as migrate from physical hardware to virtual and vice versa.

Snapshots will consume space (it are undo files which will grow over time, when they grow to large you will get problems). So use snapshots for testing software and then -if ok- delete the snapshot or revert to the snapshot but do not use them as backup.

Like simsjrg said u can use acronis on a virtual machine. Personally i use also acronis (and snapshot, and ghost, full vm copy) as a full backup for disaster recovery. For backuping the files inside the vmware (incremental) we use backup programs. No experience with incrementals with acronis. So if you are satisfied with this acronis option, you could certainly use it on the virtual machines.

Possilbe solutions for  VMware backup is to the  have the Snapshot. The other way is to copy the VMDK, vmx etc
files to an external drive.
If you want to stay with Acronis I believe the new version (Echo Server) integrates with the VCB functionality of VMware.

I currently take a weekly VCB snapshot of all VM guests for DR purposes. These are done by Arcserve and its VCB integration.

Nightly backup of data is done by Arcserve using the normal client agent method to allow for individual file restoration. This also allows me to do D2D2T and thus have a couple of days on file restoration on site with all tapes being sent straight off site.

I would suggest reading the VM backup best practice document provided by VMware for more insite into the options available. http://www.vmware.com/pdf/esx3_backup_wp.pdf

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