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DVD player audio codes are not installed

I have installed a Liteon DVD writer that when I play a CD I get sound, but when I play a DVD all I get is the video but no sound; it is the LH-20A1H.

I have been told that this usually happens if you've never had a dvd player before or a clean install of windows, and that the audio codes are not installed.

I went to www.afterdawn.com and download the ac3filter for media player I was told that this will work in Nero 7 Essentials. Still no audio can any one help
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I also have the sound cable conntcted, that for any help in this matter
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You could also try VLC media player. Thats free to download and contains most codecs. You can download it from www.filehippo.com let us know how you get on.


Thanks for the help I downloaded Cyberlink Power DVD and everything is working fine

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