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Offline files recycler Error - files not present in recycler

Hi Expert,
I have Vista laptop sycing my docs to server SBS 2003.
It syncs fine except some files (6) have errors saying that access is denied and pathway is \\server\user\$recycler (as on domain and my docs are redirected to server).

I have tried solution as before in this forum.........
Start > Run > type CMD {enter}
Type in the following (followed by {enter} after each command
cd \recycler
attrib -r -s -h -a *.*
del *.*
Are you sure (Y/N)?y (at prompt enter “y”)
rd recycler
On the laptop, but it doesnt find c:\recyeler

1. Do I run this on the server
2. SBS2003  has the auto recycling bin saving, will this affect the above commands
3. Ie the files are not present in the recycling bin when I navigate to this users recycle bin on the server location

Thanks in advance
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That path doesn't sound right... if anything it should be \\server\user\My_Documents\$recycler,

Assuming that's what you meant, if you go to \\server\user\My_Documents and enable hidden files and system files you might see both a FOLDER named "RECYCLER" and a "Recycle" bin.  You can delete both of those, and they'll be recreated automatically.  Hopefully that will clear up this problem.



Thanks Jeff.
I allowed to see System files on the server and I deleted the recycle bin, and then the recycler folder, and then synced the vista laptop with ANY errors! Yeah first time.
Much appreciated,
Hastings 69