problem resizing a screen shot; image distorted

Hi I took a screen shot of an image which I need to send so someone to explain how to use paypal checkout. I figured screen shots would be the best way. So I set my resolution to 600 x 800 and took the screen shot. Afte I took the screen shot I pressed resize, and all the text is distorted. Now I may sound like a newbie but I really am good with computers, I used dreamweaver, photoshop and paintshop before. I dont understand why if I am resizing an image proportionatley why it gets distorted. I can understand if I have a 600 x 600 resolution pic and I resize it to make it 300 x 400- I can understand it getting distorted. However I am trying to make a 600 x 600 res. picture into a 500 x 500 res. for example- it works fine with photos but for some reason with text it distorts. Any sugestions?
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Can you attach the images so we have a better idea?
try using alt + print screen and paste the photo in word and it should come out perfect.

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mds332200Author Commented:
Hi, I have been away and just getting back to reading my responces, thanks for ur help!
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