repair vista

ie7 with Vista will not load, it gives the standard answer of IE has stopped working, I have tried all the suggestions and I still have the problem, taken off add-ins, taken off start up items, reset IE 100 times
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Rob SiddellConnect With a Mentor Community Educator IICommented:
Uninstall / reinstall ?  Try reverting to an older version....switch to Firefox as a last resort :P
Hello Jacquiesau,

Is this a recent occurance?  If so perform a system restore to a date when IE7 was working.

Run the System File Checker.

If nojoy, IE is closely tied ot the operating system in Vista.  You will have to reinstall the OS.

Hope this helps!
Marc ZCommented:
One other thought you might want to think about is upgrading to XP.  

Besides that, have you confirmed your machine is virus/malware free?   What has changed recently since you have not been able to access IE?  Security update? What security programs do you have installed?
Rob SiddellCommunity Educator IICommented:
you could try booting to the vista dvd and running a repair to see if that fixes it as well.
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