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POP mail Behavior

I have 2 pc's in two different location, I use outlook 2003 at NJ location, outlook 2007 at NY location, I have my POP mail set on both of them, problem is: if I get an email when on NJ PC, I do not get the same email on NY pc, and the opposite is true, is this how the POP email behaves,  or is there a setting in outlook that I have to change so I can receive the same emails on both location. and where and which PC to change on?
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In the advanced settings of your email account settings there is a setting to leave a copy on the email server for x amount of days, allowing for the second PC to download the message.
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Hello azsheikh1,

There is a setting in Outlook to leave a copy on server. So that you can access the same in both locations.

Hope this helps!
Whenever you download your email from the server it deletes it from the server. In turn when you go to the other location the email is stuck on the other client. In the configuration of your outlook clients there is an option to "leave email on server"

here is more information

and here is how configure pop3


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