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Windows 2003 Terminal Server Desktop

Dear Experts,

I want to be able to give remote desktop users the ability to be able to add any program shortcut from a shared drive to their terminal server desktop without me putting the user in the administrator group.

I getting the desktop error - c is not accessible.

I don't want grant any terminal server access to the server's c drive.

I have looked all of the web for a solution.  help
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The Desktop files are located in the users profile so they should be writeable by the user.
I assume that  a group policy blocks the C: drive (which is quite popular on a terminal server).
Check the following policy settings:

Usre -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer
"Hide these specified drives in My Computer"
"Prevent access to drives on My Computer"

Even when C: is visible, if the permissions are correct, a user can't do bad things to the C: drive.


I just needed to do a group policy with folder redirection on the user.  Thanks anyway.

I got it working.

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