Print entire project source code

I downloaded VS.NET CodePrint 2008 and am very impressed with it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a freeware tool to do the same thing, print the entire source code for a VS.NET 2008 project.

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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've informed with some collegues here, and they all tell me the same thing. If you want to print out the sourcecode, use CodePrint.
The best program I ever saw for doing this (I'm not sure why you would like to print out your complete code) is codeprint.
I would understand if you would like to print out the xml-comments from your sourcecode
Asing NDoc: Adding World-Class Documentation to Your .NET Components

I'm not sure if this still works:
I recall an MSDN thing about a macro that printed all source code:

(specifically the print all code macro)
sutoriusAuthor Commented:
In an enterprise environment our legal department requires a print out of source code so in the event that someone copies our product we can take them to court. It's called Escrow and Copyright. Some may refer to it as CYA ;-)
If so, then I think that it won't be a big issue for the company to buy a licence for the best tool (you already used the tool)
sutoriusAuthor Commented:
You're referring to CodePrint, right? Sorry if I missed the obvious referral...still not enough coffee.

I agree, I just wanted to see if there was another tool out there others recommended before I bought.

Thanks for your help.
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