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Populate Table with "trendline"

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Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Has anyone added a trendline to an excel chart then, set that line to forcast out a certain number of periods?  The chart control in SQL Reporting Services does not have the trendline or forcast option.

I would like to populate a table with these trendline data points, including forecast, and then make a chart from that.  I am looking for a way to derive these trendline data points from a given dataset.

I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction.  Possible a stored procedure solution that accepts  a table as input?  My data will look like this.

1/14/2008      15,116,494
1/16/2008      15,238,909
1/22/2008      15,249,179
1/25/2008      15,336,006
1/28/2008      15,342,146
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Hi donnatronious,

I believe you'll either need to learn some statistics and include the future points as calculations in your SELECT statement, or you can save the values as a comma-separated file (Excel .csv) and use the BULK INSERT statement to bring the data into your table:

BULK INSERT Northwind.dbo.[Order Details]
    FROM 'f:\orders\lineitem.tbl'
            FIELDTERMINATOR = '|',
            ROWTERMINATOR = '|\n'

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This link has code that demonstrates predicting future values via a trend line.  You should be able to convert this to a stored procedure to do what you need.  The dates may or may not work on the x axis, but you can give it a try and if it doesn't add an index that coresponds to each day.

the bottom of the page has the code you need, and an example.

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