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How to Capture Cable tv

12string asked
What equipment and software do I need to capture and record and playback TV programs like a DVR but do this from a computer.  I want to record a program at a specified time from my computer and play it back either from my computer or push it to my TV which would have the proper connections to hook up to my computer via S-video (composite or RCA JACK).  I have been researching the hauppauge devices but I do not see how they push the video back out of PC to TV or I am misunderstanding what I am reading.  Do I need another video card with "video out".  I currently have a Dish DVR that I would like to replace with this setup that I want to build.  Thanks for your help!
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You would need a card like this for inputs...

Make sure to get a card with an ATSC tuner (as well as analog tuner), because in February, 2009, there will be no more analog tv.

If you want to then watch your recorded programs on a TV, you'll need another video card, or a video card that supports dual displays.  You may already have an S-video port on your video card, as many do.  If you have an LCD or Plasma TV, then it may have an SVGA or DVI input, which is another, better  option for output from the video card.
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If you want to capture cable TV programs, they must not be encrypted (such as premium channels) and the card must be QAM-capable (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) - not all cards are: http://forum.videohelp.com/topic343849.html.

I currently use a VBox Cat's Eye 150 card for over-the-air HD capture and BeyondTV (snapstream) software, which is very easy to use for unattended recording.  Be prepared to use 9GB/hr for HD content.  The software will also allow you to recompress to smaller files, with quality loss.


THanks for the Info!

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