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Taking a bootable CD, transferring it entirely to a bootable HDD

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Last Modified: 2013-12-01
I'm not sure this is possible.  If you have a bootable CD, can you somehow clone it on a HDD partition?  Basically make the HDD partition look and behave exactly like the CD?  

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Yes you can, but it is a 2 step process.  The layout of the boot loader on a CD or DVD is different than on a hard disk.  All you have to do is SYS the disk for the OS you want, and then copy all the files from the CD or DVD to the hard disk.  If the OS is XP, you will have to do an install of XP onto the hard disk first.  Then put that drive as a slave on another system, with the CD/DVD in that other system, and then copy all files over.

To make things easier, if you use cloning SW like ghost, it will write an image of a system setup to CD or DVD, and you take that to the system you want to make a new boot drive on, boot from floppy to access the CD/DVD and ghost will decompress its image onto that hard drive.  Many ways to do this task.


Thanks for the help.


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