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I/O card parity interrupt at F000:AF86 Errors

Gregg Knudholt
I have a dell insirion that was just dropped off and when we start it up we get this error
"I/O card parity interrupt at F000:AF86"
If I continue I get an almost endless amount of these errors ie
I/O card parity interrupt at F000:E19e
I/O card parity interrupt at F000:9184

I am not familuar with this and have googled these error messages with very little luck some suggest bios etc...Has anyone had any luck with these...thanks in advance for the help...
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There is some kind of serial card installed in the system, it is either burned out, defective, or has come loose out of the socket.  Open up the case and find out which cards need reseting.  If there is still an error after that, remove any serial card.  Remember, that if there is a SATA controller card added, to run SATA drives, or a RAID card to run a raid array, those are also serial cards, and will give an I/O parity error if bad.
Don't open the laptop just yet.

It sounds like a video card issue.  If it were loose then I'd bet it wouldn't work at all.  Try to update the bios on the machine.  If you keep hitting ente, it may boot into windows for the bios download/update.  
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