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Need to know what the connector types to usefor a wireless antenna extension cable

I need to connect my D-Link DWA-542 wireless adapter's antenna to a wifi "extension cable" so I can connect up to a directional antenna outside of the building.

I don't know what the adapter connector is called and need to know that so I can order the appropriate parts.
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according to dlink's website it the D-Link DWA-542 uses a Dipole with detachable reverse SMA connector.

You can verify this by looking at page 48 in the manual from the link below.


hope this helps.
The type of cable you need is called a "pigtail" and you can get one here:
Depending how far you need to go you'll need a pigtail,  RPSMA --> N type, and then an additional LMR-400 (low loss) coax to run out to the antenna (shorter the better!). So from the card-->pigtail-->LMR cable-->antenna. Most external antenna's use an N type adapter so you'll just need to match up the male/female. The link I gave you is to Pasadena Wireless. They're great to work with and you can call them up and they'll custom make any cable you need and they dont charge an arm an a leg. Good luck!

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