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Adobe File Name

I am using Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard to print multiple files from Autocad.  When I select the views in which I want to print to Adobe I am then prompted to enter the file name of each page that will print in Adobe.  Is there any way to have Adobe determine the file name automatically?  It has become cumbersome to manually create a file name for each page that is being printed out.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Technical Director

I cannot test the behaviour as I do not have AutoCad but the normal way would be to go into Printer&Faxes. Rightclick Adobe PDF Printer and select Printing preferences.

In Adobe Output Folder select the Location that you want with *.pdf instead of "prompt for file name".

Try using a wildcard character as part of the file name, e.g. MyFile*.pdf

I believe some versions of Adobe PDFWriter support wildcards and will generate file names like MyFile1.pdf, MyFile2.pdf, etc.

Sorry, captainreiss, thanks to the vagaries of the internet you beat me to it!
captainTechnical Director

No problem, hope it works for him, good thinking about the wild cards.

by views do you mean multiple layouts in autocad? are you using the publishing options in Autocad?


Yes, I am using multiple layouts in Autocad and the publishing options.  When I print multiple layouts using Autocad and Adobe as my printer it will prompt me on each layout for a file name to save as.
captainTechnical Director

Hi calwood28

could you also comment whether anything of the above has helped you so we know whether to explore further?

Many thanks

hey calwood,
I'm running acrobat 7.0 pro with Autocad 2008. When I use the publisher and my adobe pdf.pc3 file it askes me one time for a name, that it has already filled in with the current dwg name,   and a path, then combines the layouts into one pdf.
Is this what you are trying to do, or do you have to have them in seperate pdfs?

I'm trying to go back through my settings and see what I did to get that to work, its been a while though, still working on it.


I tried the advice from captainreiss:
.."go into Printer&Faxes. Rightclick Adobe PDF Printer and select Printing preferences.
In Adobe Output Folder select the Location that you want with *.pdf instead of "prompt for file name"."
but it still prompts me for the file name of each page I print.  

I also tried hdhondt's advice:
"Try using a wildcard character as part of the file name, e.g. MyFile*.pdf"
I am not sure that I understand this approach.  When prompted for a file name I entered 1234*.pdf but Adobe would not allow this file to be saved with an * in the name.

I read norrin_radd's advice.  I do not have Adobe setup in Autocad as a .pc3 file however I can still print with it when it is selected as my printer.  I would really like to know what norrin_radd is doing because that sounds like exactly what I am looking for.  Please let me know when you find out.

Thanks to everybody for helping me out!
alright cal,
check the "publishcollate" variable, hopefully its set to 0, you need to change it to 1

from the help file:
Type: Integer
Saved in: User-settings
Initial value: 1

Controls whether sheets are published as a single job

Publishing sheets as a single job requires all of the following:

A plot or PDF driver that supports the multi-sheet plotting or printing option
The page setup override option is selected, if publishing from the Sheet Set Manager.

 A published sheet set is processed one sheet at a time. Separate PLT and PDF files are created for each sheet. If the sheet set is published, the sheets might be interleaved with other plot jobs.
 A published sheet set is processed as a single job. A multi-sheet PLT or PDF file is created. If the sheet set is published, it is never interleaved with other plot jobs.
got my fingers crossed on this one....



Checked publishcollate setting in Autocad.  It was set as 1.  So I went to plot multiple sheets in Autocad.  Was prompted again for name of .pdf file.  I have changed my settings in Adobe so that it will not show me the .pdf file each time it is created which has helped but still trying to get multiple sheets to plot and automatically merge into one .pdf file name....

I know very little about AutoCad, but I am beginning to suspect there is no way around this problem. If AutoCad starts a completely new job for each view, then PDFWriter can't do anything but ask for the filename again.

I suppose it would be possible to create a VB script that stores the last filename and increments it for each job. You'll need someone who knows AutoCAd as well as VB.


Well guys I really didn't find a solution but thanks anyway!
sorry I havent been back in a timely manner, got a big project dumped on me. thanks for the points and I will try to follow back up on this soon, hopefully today or tommorrow..

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