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Activity logging on Domino server

ashemorgan asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I am starting to utilise the Domino Server Log to track activity of Lotus Notes users.

However, it seems the log is only set to store 7 days worth of activity before being over-written.

Can someone please assist me in the following:

1. How do I extend the length of time logging is stored? That is, I want to increase the retention period from 7 days to 4 weeks.
2. Is there a way to automate the analysis and reporting via this log? That is, I would like to create a automated report for 3 specific users, detailing their access to other user email databases.
3. How do I best deal with these logs? That is, I need to keep them for an extended period of time but I don't want to chew up too much disk space. Can they be archived elsewhere?

Thanks in advance.
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Groupware Consultant
1) File/Replication/Settings, Space Savers, Remove documents not modified in the last 28 days
2) There must be Reporting-tools that can do that, I'll check tomorrow (GMT + 1 here, but I'm pretty sure someone else will do that before me :-))
3) Those logs can take up an enormous amount of diskspace, to an extent that the log database will become unusable. 4 weeks should be okay. You could make a copy (File/Database/New Copy) of the log every 4 weeks, if you want to save it for posterity.
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1)  You may need to change the notes.ini file that has the log config. Change the 7 to 28.
2) Not sure, but I think that you can easily create a report, not sure about automating it. I would consire auti-it keyboard/ mouse macros if needed.

3) zip them, and the space will be reduced about 90%

I hope this helps !