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Trouble using Blat with my Exchange 2003 server

I am attempting to use blat to send out an automated message once a day.

I am using the following command line:

blat messagebody.txt -to recipient@mydomain.com -sf subject.txt -server myserverIP -f from@mydomain.com -attach myattachment.csv

I receive the following error message:
Error: Connection to server was dropped.
SMTP Server Error
Error: Not a socket.
Error: Not a socket.

I am running the commad locally on my Exchange 2003 server.

I'm not really sure where to go from here.  I think I have the syntax correct for the blat command based on the documentation.  I believe that it may be related to the securiy settings on my exchange server that are preventing the connection, however, I'm not sure where to make any adjustments.

Any ideas?
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Can you telnet to your exchange server on port 25 from the machine where you are running blat?


No, apparently I can't.
You will need to check the SMTP VS, review the allowed connection IP addresses.
Are you routing this traffic? Is the traffic being filtered at some point?


Ok.  You were correct about the SMTP configuration.  Here is what I did to get it working:

I went into the SMTP Virtual Server within Exchange System manager clicked on the Access Tab
Went into the Connection Control section and added the IP address of my blat machine (in this case my server).  This allowed me to send email to people within my domain but not to anyone outside.

To enble sending to people outside my domain I had to go into the Relay restrictions section and add my IP address.

Thank you for your able assistance.


Thanks for the quick response.  I really appreciate the help!