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The Cert Authority for the server shows an expiration date of 2014 but when accessing OWA, it says 2008 and is expired

When I launch the Certificate Authority mmc on the Windows 2003 Server DC and look at the properties and then certificate, it shows an expiraiton date of Jan 26, 2014 but when I access Outlook Web Access via IE7 it shows the certificate for exchange.lssc.k12.in.us as expired as of Jan 26 2008. I can not determine where I need to go to update this certificate.
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If you go to the exchange server (the front end server if you have one) and IIS, go to the default website and right click and go properties.
Go to the directory security tab.
Click on "view certificate"

This is the SSL cert your OWA should be using.

If this is wrong, you can click on the Server Certificate button, and request a new certificate or replace it as appropriate.

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