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No Operating System found error

Sony Vaio laptop with no operating system. The BIOS only allows Network boot(don't know how that works?), optical drive boot, hard disk boot. It is not able to boot from dvd drive. I am trying to install Windows XP Pro. Any suggestions??
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The DVD Drive is an optical Drive. The CD that you are using must be bootable. Not all Windows XP Pro CD's are Bootable.

Can you access bios and check boot order setting there?

Assuming you have your bios set to look to the optical drive before the HD as Punky suggests the problem may be that you do not have a generic atapi optical drive driver loaded as a virtual device that can read your win xp disk. The original cd that shipped with the vaio would have loaded this first so install could proceed. If the vaio is old enough to have a floppy drive(or if you happen to have an old external floppy drive laying around) then you can create a mini boot disk with the generic atapi driver included. Once you boot from the floppy you launch and load the atapi driver, it loads and creats a virtual drive that will read the Win XP pro cd. If this is newer, you will need to make a slipstreamed boot cd.
if these links don't work for you just type slipstream into the EE search bar and you will find tons of threads.
Your Sony Vaio would not have shipped without an operating system.  What happened to the original os, and how was it removed?
first set the boot order in the bios  (1) hard drive  (2) optical (CD/DVD) (3) network boot always last.

Now try to boot, you might find the BIOS boot order just got messed up and it will boot fine.  If you bought this used, and are trying to install XP, you might find that the gamut of CD/DVD drivers on the XP install disk do not cover the unique drive in the VAIO.  IN this case, take that CD/DVD out, insert a standard IDE CD or DVD taken from another system, and any standard CD will work with the XP install disk./

Another option with the Sony is to boot from the recovery partition ( if it has not been releted)
This assumes you still have the original disk.

To get to it press the F10 key when you see the sony logo at boot up..


The Windows XP cd is bootable. Yes I can access the BIOS, there is also the option to boot from floppy, I did not mention that because there is no floppy drive. I don't have any of the software that came with it so recovery partition is not an option. It is a old vaio, PCG-K315S and I don't know how the OS got removed. I tried booting from the optical drive/dvd drive with the win xp pro cd it gives the "Operating System not found" error, the same as if I booted from the hard drive.I tried a Knoppix cd, Winternals cd and Solaris 10 dvd, and I get the same error so I assume the dvd/optical drive is not working.
"so I assume the dvd/optical drive is not working."

Yes, either that (most likely), or you might have to set the optical as the FIRST in the boot list in the BIOS

Yes, I also wanted to get that optical rive moved ahead of the hd in bios. I still wonder, particularly as this is an older machine, if your Win XP disk will really load a generic optical drive driver. My retail copy of Win Xp pro SP 2 will not boot my old  Dell 8300 desktop aFter a wipe unless I use a floppy disk as described above. Once I install the drivers to run the drive the Windows will go through the rest of the install process without a hiccup. You might want to visit a salvation Army store and see if you can find an old external  floppy device before you give up on your drive.  On the other hand, your knopix cd most likely does load an atapi driver so if you have another drive with with to test the setup it is likely your best next move.


Sorry for not mentioning that but I did put the optical drive as first on the boot list when trying the various bootable cds. I will try to get my hands on an external floppy drive, but where do I get/or how do I create a bootable floppy from my win xp cd.
don't bother with teh floppy, it is too much hassle.  Just get any old working CD or DVD drive, put it in place of the one there, assumed defective, reboot, and you should have the XP CD recognized.


I swapped out th dvd drive and popped in one from a dell vostro, worked like a charm. Just wanted to say thanks to all guys on EE for the help.

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