Looking for easy to use online softball stat application


Basically looking for something easy to use that someone who knows little to nothing about computers can manage and maintain. Our site is running off apache with a MySQL back end (for our forums). Anyways, need some type of software that has a front end user tool to add and manipulate statistics that will be reported on via html/php or extract to a pdf perhaps. I want to be able to turn the site over to my friends who don't work well with anything outside of word and excel that is very easy to use and maintain. We are willing to buy software if it is what we are looking for. We have also talked about obtaining a new domain and host to run off Windows/IIS if need be for this software.

Again, this needs to be easy to use so any random Joe can easily enter stats and we can easily report off of it.

Anyone know of something suitable?

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Your question is very vague.
Let me see if I understand what you mean:
1. You have a website in which users can enter statistics via forms.
2. You want an application to export these statistics to excel or word
    for further processing.

How am I doing so far?

Now questions:
- How are the statistic stored in the database?
  I'm not interested in secret details here, just if they are stored
  accros multiple tables, etc. This has a bit of impact on the exporting tool.
- Do you want these exported statistics to be put back on the server
   after they have been processed?

You could export the statistics in Excel xls (Comma separated values)
format from your website using easy to write php scripts.

Please try to answer these questions or explain a bit more on what
you actually want. Otherwise people will not understand your problem.



Seems you could even outsource this on this website:

Then you don't need to build anything.


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Hi again,

There are even open source software you could try.
Have a look at SourceForge softball programs:
Example from SourceForge, they have more projects there, but here is one:
SoftballStats is a collection of PHP4 scripts and a MySQL database that track the stats, games, players, and every play made in multiple softball/baseball seasons. SoftballStats also compiles statistics for each player.

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