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Forms in Flash

lpetrowicz asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-21
I have a website template in Flash.  On the last page, there is a contact us form, with entry spaces for name, email address and message.  I want to have a similar form on a different page of this template.  It will be longer so I will need a scroll bar also.  How much more work is it to put a second form in this template and add the scroll bar?  Can you cut and past like you would in HTML?

Someone told me this would require new programming.  How true is that?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.
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If the form is similar..then the copying and pasting could work as you would need to use the same variable names for the textfields. .and the copying and pasting will bring those attributes with the fields.So I could go to either page and the info I put in would be processed by the same server script. The send button is also an important part of the whole thing.
The scroll bar can be added once you have your input textfield..by dragging an instance from the component panel and placing it alongside of the textfield
Select the textfield..In the properties panel give the field an instance name..say bodyText
select the scroll bar and in the properties panel where it says..Target TextField..put..bodyText

Check that there is not already an instance of the scroll bar in the library..if there is..drag an instance from there ..not the component panel

Try it out.


Incidentally the only quirky thing about doing this..ie..not making it a completely separate form setup (requiring scripting)..is that if you fill in one of the forms..and then go and look at the other form ..you will find the same information already filled in..as they have the same variable name..but you could add buttons on each form that cleared the fields..or even clear them when one is sent.




one form will have name, email and message.

the second form will have name, address, email, phone, request, more information.

Because it's a longer form, it will need the scroll.  

Once you have cut and pasted, can you just change the variables?

no..because the server-side script needs those (variable names) to compile the email..so you would have to write a new script for the 'phone' and 'request' , 'more' ..if they are separate fields.. then it would work
the template makers must have given a php script..or similar.



sorry for the delay

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