Logs not flushing?

Exchange 2k3 Service Pack 2 Native Mode

I have a quick question. What would cause the logs not to flush?

I believe the public folders need to be backed up so they can be flushed even though RSG's don't support PF stores.

What else could cause the logs not to flush even though they are being backed up and other logs are being flushed under the same backup job?
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TWBitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would guess that you are correct - since the PFs are part of the store, their changes are also in the Logs and thus would also need to be backed up for the logs to flush.  How many do you have?  Do you see any change to the number of logs after a backup?
How are you backing up the store - NTBACKUP or BackupExec, etc?  You need to have an Exchange-aware backup, and back up the store, not the logs.
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
No change since the 14th. Can't remember what I did but I was moving databases around.

I use Veritas and do backup the stores.

It may have just been the PF. I'm moving the database now and recreating the backup job. Hopefully that works. I will close this thread. I should of waited until I did those two steps before asking.

Ok.  Please post back your results - I'm curious, and other may find it helpful in the future!  Thanks.
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