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How can I connect my TV (no RCA output)  to external speakers

dsr79 asked

I have a Sharp 27" TV that is 7 years old.  It has two sets of RCA input points but no RCA output.  Currently, it is connected to the cable with the standard cable (I think it is called coaxial..I am not sure though).  I have a 6 speaker system that my DVD is connected to.  It has multiple input options including DVD, AUX, GAME etc.  I want to connect my TV to that speaker system.  Is there a cable that will take the standard TV cable and convert into RCA at the other end?  I assume I cannot use the RCA input points on the TV to get sound to the speakers.

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No cable can do that.  Without audio outputs you need to do surgery to connect your TV to external speakers.

Does the TV have a SCART connector? If so, problem solved; there are SCART adapters that have 2 audio output RCA connectors. Otherwise, as above; you'll need to open i up.
Yes it is impossible without an output connection. If your television has a headphone output, you can use the adapter to connect it to the AUX on your system.

Other solutions:
1.Buy a digital cable box, they will be required in 2009 in the United States. Digital Cable boxes have audio outputs that can be connected to you external speakers.
2. If you have an old VCR player laying around, you can use that. Just connect the coaxial cable to that, and use the VCR's output for the sound.


Thanks....I have a VCR that I use and your solution works great.