Configuring a VPN on Win2k3

I have a Windows 2003 server with two NIC cards, one (NIC#1) is connected to my local network with its own ISP (ISP#1) and the other card (NIC#2) is connected directly to my second ISP (ISP#2); the ISP#2 supplies internet exclusively for my server.

I want to add the Remote Access Role (VPN) to this server, but if i try to add this role to my NIC#2, i lose the internet connection in my server... if i try to add this role to my NIC#1, i lose the internet connection in all my network and the connection to my server (from all the PCs) also... as if i had disconnected the network cable from the server.

How can i add this role to my server, without compromising any of my internet connections and/or LAN connections?

Thank You
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Erik BjersConnect With a Mentor Principal Systems AdministratorCommented:
first off you need to configure RRAS and the server should be configured as a router.

------ISP-----card1 SVR card2-----------Internal network

Car1 on the svr should have the IP settings for the ISP
   Public IP
   ISP Gateway
   ISP or your own internal DNS (use internal if you have it)

Card2 on the server should have your LAN IP settings
   Private IP
   Internal DNS

all your internal computers should point at card2 on the SVR as their default gateway

Once this is configured you can set up RRAS, sorry can't give you spacifics but this site should help

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Good luck

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