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Two servers, one farm, one app on 2nd server wont work from Web Interface

tarunc asked
Hello All,

Forgive me for asking ... I have searched high and low.
I have a simple setup.
Two Citrix Servers 4.5 roll up pack 1.
One is 64 bit and One is 32 Bit.
The 32 bit one exists simply to launch 2 custom apps.

The 64 bit one is the main server with all of our apps and Web interface.  Web Int uses alternate address.

Internally using the Citrix client, in our lan, we are able to use the 32bit applications.
Outside of the office, using web interface, the applications on the 32bit server are not found.
the icons are published but we get an error saying resource is not available....
Any clues?

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I would take a look at the Application & System log on the Web Interface server.  You can usually find information regarding any error the user experiences on the Web Interface.  If you would post those errors, we can probably give you a strong lead on the issue.


Founder and CEO
First question: do both servers had an alternate address set?
2. Is the firewall opened for both?
3. If sharing the same IP the servers must have different ports setup at the firewall level.
4. If you right click the icon for an app on the 32-bit server and do a save as and then open that file with Notepad,  what do you see? Does it show the correct IP for the server on it? I assume you do not have a Secure Gateway in place so the connection is going from the outside directly to the Citrix box once the WI passes the ICA file back to the client.

Claudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services


Stupid me did not set an altaddr for the second server and obviously did not open the firewall.  I assumed since the main web int was on the main server that it would handle all apps.


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