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I have done this before but forgot how I did it.  I want my MDE file to open up only to a switchboard.  I do not want the access window opening up as well.

 By access window, I mean the window that you can view all your forms, queries, tables, reports, pages, macros, modules from.  
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
before you create the MDE, set the following from the mdb
from Access window
in the startup dialog window
select the Switchboard form from the Display Form/page drop down
uncheck Display database window

you can uncheck also the menus, toolbars that you don't want to show
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
you can also set the startup option in your MDE
There may be a bit of confusion in terms here. The database window is the window that displays your forms, tables etc and can be hidden as capricorn suggests. If however it is the "Application Window" that you are referring to then that is not so simple.

Refer this EE post.

Lasers07Author Commented:
capricorn.. your first suggestion solved the problem.  

This is the code to do it programically incase anyone is interested.

On Error Resume Next
'to show the database window, run
    DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True
        DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarYes
        DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdToolbarsCustomize
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