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Can I setup my own VOIP server?

I want to setup a VOIP server on my home CentOS or really any Linux box. Can I do this for free? I obviously don't expect much reliability, mostly for experimental purposes or to take the place of my home line :)

Any leads on how to do this?
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I haven't tried it, but there is EasyVoxBox -- http://easyvoxbox.org/

It is based on Asterisk -- http://asterisk.org/
probably the easiest is to install trixbox (www.trixbox.org).  However, it's not that hard to install asterisk on most any linux box.
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I would strongly suggest @dkwiebe's suggestion trixbox is the best place to start..everything come preinstalled and it comes with an easy to manage interface. There is also good support for it and an irc channel.

I would recommend Asterisk aswell but if you are familiar with Linux then I would recommend that you install Asterisk directly and not the likes of Trixbox.
That way you will learn how Asterisk works and you wont be limited to what Trixbox lets you do through the web interface.

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