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Auto Redirection of HTTP to HTTPS for my MOSS 2007 Portal site

Hi all,

Is it possible for MOSS 2007 to have an auto redirection of HTTP request to HTTPS?
For example, when a user types in http://moss2007/sites/xxx/yyy in his IE; the request is auto routed to https://moss2007/sites/xxx/yyy without showing the Error 403 msg.
Any good guides I can follow?

thanks in advance for the help..

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Greg BessoIT Solutions Engineer

While this is probably something you don't really want to do for security purposes, if you are referring to an intranet site, it's probably no big deal.

Just create a new web application that is using port 80 in IIS. Create a .ASP file in the home directory for that site. (Create a folder somewhere, put the ASP file in there, use that folder as the home directory for this site.

Then, in the ASP file have the following code...


If you want ALL URL's to be forwarded, you probably have to do some catching of the server variables to get the URL, then replace the http with https, and then response.redirect to it.

You can do it with Microsoft ISA 2006. I'm no expert on it but many on this site are.
Hi guys,
thanks for the help. But I managed to find my way thru using the references below. thanks

1.      Plan alternate access mappings (Office SharePoint Server)

2.      Configure Alternate Access Mapping


My solution was provided by Microsoft Premier Support and it works in my environment.


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