How can i mirror display but with different resolutions?

Im trying to mirror the display of a MAC Pro running OSX10.3.8, signal goes to a HD Cinema display 22" at 1900x1200 resolution, and also goes out to a epson data projector (out 2nd video output). I want to have mirrored output BUT alter the resolution of the projection as 1900x1200 on the projection is very hard to read, i want it down to 1024x768. Changing the resolution for the projector output shrinks the viewing area on the monitor dramatically..

Only way i can use independent resolutions is to not mirror the display, however that means i have to drag windows over to the projector to view (this is for a studio/classroom setup) which is no good.  Is there a piece of software to enable me to mirror and use different resolutions but still mirror the signal? I've looked at video scalers but they're way too expensive..   Any ideas?
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pheidiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe consider upgrading to Leopard. It has scaling sort of built-in. If you have the developer tools installed then you can use quartz debug to scale. i think we all wanted this to come standard but  for now I think many appz have to be rewritten  to support it. I think which is why it it still relegated to an optional instal. If your main appz can tolerate it then it might work for you. It is the future as developers begin to write for the feature.
No... mirroring a screen is just that.... you can't mirror a screen without mirroring the resolution as well... i'm not aware of any 3rd party utility to let you do that.
crikeyhostingAuthor Commented:
Well this seems something PCs have over Macs then..  must be some piece of software to do this..
One more thought. As a classroom teacher I have been using spanning for years. For me the slight inconvience of
dragging a window over is well worth the effort. I much prefer a private workspace where the students cannot see what  I am doing in terms of preparing think aheads. It also keeps them from being distracted by my mouse clicks to creat an image and keeps their focus on final or real time working product. I can obviosly change my reolutions as well. Heck, I even hacked my first emac so that I could span when all I was supposed to be allowed to do was mirror. Personally, I never use mirror mode in the classroom.
crikeyhostingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions, i'll need to look into the developer tools .  Spanning is ok, however it requires the teacher to look up & around at a different screen rather then the monitor in front of them, gets annoying after a while.  Cant upgrade to leopard yet, protools does not support the OS yet..  
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