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How to open another user's "additional calendar" through Outlook / Exchange?

slamit asked

One of our users has created a second calendar, "underneath" her "main calendar" in Outlook - I'll call it "Calendar 2" for the purposes of below.

She has given appropriate permissions to other users for Calendar and Calendar 2, but we're unable to figure out how the other users can access Calendar 2.

They can open the main calendar without any problems (that is, they select the username, select calendar and hit OK, and the calendar opens up). We just can't figure out how on earth to open Calendar 2.

How do you do this?

Thanks in advance!
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Since the secondary calendar is not part of the default folders you need to access the calendar by adding the users mailbox as a secondary mailbox.

Its not possible to use the Open Other Users Folder option for a non-default folder. You need to add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox under the mail profile i.e. Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts > Change > more Settings > Advanced > Add and then select the mailbox with the shared calendar. As long as you set the permissions at the shared calendar level and also at the Mailbox - [User name] you should be able to add the shared calendar and view the data.

Assign Permissions to view non-default Outlook folders

By default only your personal calendar can be shared but if you want to share multiple calendars you have to give Folder Visible rights to your Mailbox. This doesnt allow anyone to look at your mail but it allows them to get to your Mailbox in order to get to the multiple calendars there. Right-click on your Mailbox and then select Properties. Click on the Permissions tab. Click the Add button and select the user that you want to be able to see your multiple calendars. With the name of the user highlighted click the checkbox next to Folder Visible. Click Apply and Ok to save the changes. You have now made your Mailbox visible to that user.

Then you can add the mailbox as a second mailbox on the account and the calendar will be visible.


Thanks for the info, mass2612. I came across that article, but was hoping there was a different way. Much appreciated!
In Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003, once the calendar is shared you can actually open the e-mail invitation, select [Open this Calendar] and it will be added to your [Other People's Calendar List].  

This has probably already been addressed and updated for Outlook 2007 in other places, but I stumbled upon this question and figured I add to it in case anyone else did the same.

I am having the same issue as above, found the same answer on google but the other users can not open the calendar.  Even after permission have been double checked and machines rebooted they still can't see the secondary calendar.  However, when I logged on as the user on my computer the new calendar popped right up after the mailbox was open.  Anyone have any ideas?