Reading xxxxx.SRE files

   I am requesting your assistance to read two files.  I have 2x files that are named "nov00004.SRE and FLSH0004.SRE".  
  What type of application or program would I need to read these 2 files?  I have tried windows "Notepad" and MS office "word and excel" with no success.  I would definitely appreciate your help with so I can read the text in these 2 files.
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
it could be a Motorola S-Record, a machine language file for microcontrollers/microprocessors, as explained here:
if true, then you can read it with notepad because it is an ASCII file. It is used to content an assembly program to burn into a rom/flash memory.
Try HexWorkshop from It's a very capable hex editor I have used for many years.

junebug52Author Commented:

  That HexWorkShop does seem to be a very capable editor but I'm not very savvy with it.  What functions would I use to convert a XXXXX.SRE file to readable format to maybe export to an excel or notepad type of application so someone else to also review it.

The point of opening it with a hex editor is so that you can see what it contains. If there is text, you can read it. I used it primarily when debugging a program that stored data in fixed-length records in binary files.

To attempt a conversion, you would need to deduce the structure of the data in the file, and write a program to convert it to some known structure.


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