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Hot to burn MKV file to a DVD

hello everyone. I downloaded a free movie but it is not an ISO file. This file has the extension of MKV. can someone tell me a simple way to burn this movie image to a DVD that will play in my home DVD player
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VLC player plays it
Did you see the video format before downloading it and thought to yourself now how will I burn that to DVD and maybe it's a sign of  desperation :P

A .mkv file is a Matroska video/audio multimedia file. It is a container like MOV and AVI, providing support for a huge number of different video, audio and subtitles compression formats. It is not really intended for media content distribution on a large scale, but is achieving it anyway.

An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats and it also surpasses them in many areas. This article exists to help you understand what an MKV file is and how you can play it back perfectly on your PC.

To burn to DVD gosh.
That's a serious conversion option since there has been issues retaining the audio after conversion, Does it include subs as well
You'll need to convert it to mpeg2.
VIDEO_TS vobs conversion with subs
To AVI then burn as VCD


Thanks for the info.  I found a lot of that out late last night after posting the question. I thought there would be a quick solution for burning to DVD similar to an ISO image.

Thanks for the information.

It's not really that difficult if you have a good understanding of video conversion, luckily there is a lot of free tools available but its time consuming.
Probably easier to check the file formats and user feedback before choosing the video.
Wanting to play these on DVD Player  just added time to the conversion and more decisions since you'll have to work out the final output container size, some video conversions can grow to over 4 gig in size and then unable to fit to a DVD. DVD requires MPEG2
Also you need the the DVD plugin to be able to burn the mpeg2 to Vobs with an IFO and Bup files.
To AVI and vcd is probably the best option here, I just hope you wont need to split the avi into 2 to fit  on the VCD.  CD are 700 megs and you need to have spare space on the disc so really you have 650 megs.
That was the biggest problem burning VCD most movies fitted over 2 CD and I hated having to take out CD one then continue to play CD2.
If you have any other questions your welcome to continue here. No need to ask a new question if it is still on this topic.

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