EMC Networker versus Backup Exec 11D

Hello all,

I have recently been assigned to administer our backup operations enterprise wide. We have purchased a SAN and have allocated 1TB of space for backup data. We are currently using Symantec Backup Exec 11d. We are thinking about dumping BE in favor of EMC's Networker product. It is believed that the move to the EMC product will allow us to better utilize our SAN, which was purchased by EMC as well.

My question is - Is it worth unloading BE for EMC networker? The EMC networker sales team have pitched a data duplication piece called Avamar - does BE have a compliment to this?


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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Networker is great - but you'll have a steep learning curve initially as the GUI and concepts are substantially different from BE 11. If you choose to go with Neworker, make sure training is included in he price. All the enterprise backup products are similar in that respect - the GUIs all suck pretty comprehensively (products like Networker and Netbackup, HP Dataprotector and so on come from a Unix background and have been grafted onto Windows). In terms of useability, BE is top of the heap, but the backup performance of the enterprise products is superior.

Networker is particularly good in a VMware environment. It integrates with VMware's VCB very well indeed. BE doesn't Networker will be *much* faster than BE as it can multi-stream and multiplex data from multiple backup clients at once whrease BE does one client at a time. Networker integrates nicely with Avamar, a data deduplication product, but BE (and Networker for that matter) will also work nicely with de-dupe products from Data Domain or Quanum (the Quantum DXi), so it's not really a unique feature of Networker.

Finally, I've been pretty happy with EMC support - you'll need to use support more often as there is not that critical mass of community knowledge that BE has, so googling a Networker error won't necessarily pop up a result as it will with BE.

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Duncan MeyersCommented:
I will not leave sentences hanging
I will not leave sentences hanging
I will not leave sentences hanging
I will not leave sentences hanging

" indeed. BE doesn't Networker will be *much*..." should read "BE doesn't integrate nearly as well. Networker will be *much*..."
counter point

I'm BE. No doubt about it BE and ARCserve are the two best backup products. EMC Networker formally Legato Networker had its strength in the UNIX market. They were never that strong or that good in the Windows market, and as a product would have died if not for EMC picking it up. No doubt about it, Networker is a solid product and because EMC owns it, it will integrate better and EMC will support it better. However my personal opinion BE is much better, and check with their sales group because chances are they have a data dedup option in the works. This whole feature thing is just a game of leap frog they all go through. Actually I just checked and they do have it.
mestrellaAuthor Commented:
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