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Dynamcally populating a TreeView

Could someone tell me what's wrong with my code?

im trying to do what the title of the post says.....

However, on the line

Dim row As New Data.DataRow

I get the following error

'System.Data.DataRow.Protected Sub New(builder As System.Data.DataRowBuilder)' is not accessible in this context because it is 'Protected'.      

What's wrong? How do I declare a row??


Private Sub FillCustomers(ByVal parent As TreeNode)
        Dim conn As New SqlConnection("Data Source=DAODEVBOX;Initial Catalog=suds_prototype;User ID=sa;Password=***")
        Dim ds As New Data.DataSet()
        Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("select * from Categories", conn)
        da.Fill(ds, "Category")
        Dim row As New Data.DataRow
        For Each row In ds.Tables("Category").Rows
            Dim node As TreeNode = New TreeNode()
            node.Text = row("companyname").ToString()
            node.Value = row("customerid").ToString()
            node.PopulateOnDemand = True
            node.SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.SelectExpand
    End Sub

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1 Solution
dont use New in your Row-declaration,

Dim row as Data.DataRow

because you are getting the row instance in the loop, and declaring it with new needs parameters.
bdb12Author Commented:
arggh! ok great thank you....

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