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How big of a partition would I need for Active Directory?

How big (on RAID1) should my Active Directory partition be if I am using Exchange 2007 solely for serving email?  I have 124GB left on my server.  I figure I was going to use the following configuration:

11.77GB Windows Server 2003 - USED
41.3GB for SQL 2005 and it's logs
41.3GB for Exchange 2005 and transaction logs
41.3GB for Page File

My RAID 5:
408.37GB TOTAL
136.12GB for actual website data
136.12GB for SQL DB
136.12GB for Exchange DB
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This is really dependent on the storage resources in your environment and the thresholds you set for users.  Say you have 50 users, each allowed to have 500MB.  Obvious approximate would be to give the database 25GB + 20%=30GB and a few to grow on depending location of log files (and how often they are flushed) and on deleted email retention policy.  500MB is a pretty generous allocation, but some companies allow more.  These are all things you will have to decide based on the resources you have and the requirements of your users.  Sounds like you have plenty of room if you are just starting out!  The second link has information on how to calculate IOPS to insure desired performance...may be a bit premature if you are just setting up a new server for the first time but could be useful in the future.

"Planning Storage Configurations":


Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator:



Correct me if I am wrong -- I thought that Exchange stored the email information in a seperate database (which I was planning to store on the RAID 5 drive).  My question was targeted towards setting up drive space for the Active Directory on RAID1.  What type of information does the Active Directory store? Remember that I am only using this as my email server.  No LAN computers are going to log onto this server -- just website and email.  Thanks for your detailed post antioed!

That is correct - it is a separate database.  My apologies...I was just assuming you meant Exchange since it was posted in this section.  The AD partition is generally pretty small in comparison to an Exchange database.  They use a similar configuration but AD will be a fraction of the size of Exchange.  So small that I am having trouble locating documentation about the *size* of it.  You should have than enough room!  Thanks for the points for my needless Exchange rant...there is an Active Directory zone here if you need it in the future!  Cheers!

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