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How do I change how the user's name appears in an e-mail from their full name to their initials only?

Walter Draving
I am using Outlook 2003 and small business server 2003.  The users want only their initials to show up in the e-mails that they send out.  I set up their e-mail addresses with initials but I listed their full name in active directory.  Now their full name shows up when they send out their e-mail. I went back and removed all references to their full names in their active directory user accounts but their full name is still showing up in the outgoing e-mails. What settings can I change to have their e-mail acountsand their e-mails only show their initials and not their full names?
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Have you looked at the user accounts on the server?

If you have removed first and last name and it is still coming up, you might have to delete and recreate the account with just initials. But its pretty hard to troubleshoot without looking at the whole account in AD myself...

My fault I see now that you said that you removed the full name from the Active Directory. Sorry.
When using MS Exchange as the email server, a field in AD called "Display Name" is what appears as the email address when sending emails.

By changing that alone (No need to change the Full Name field in AD) should give you what you are looking for.

Although I'm not quite sure whether Business Server is similar to Exchange in that sense.
hbustan is correct. Keep in mind it can take time for AD recipient policy to update. Give it 24 hrs and you should see the change.

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