Need to restore mails from transaction logs

Can we restore the mails that have been transacted after the backup, using the transaction logs? For e.g. If I take backups every 24 hours and the server crashes(Only the .edb file crashed and nothing else) after 12 hours, I restore the .edb file from the backup that was taken before 12 hours and if I need the mails that have been sent/received by the users after the backup,  can I use the transaction logs to restore them?
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes. That is the whole point to the transaction logs and one of the reasons why the transaction logs should be stored on a different hard disk to the Exchange database.

Transaction Log File Replay: Soft Recovery and Hard Recovery in Exchange Server 2003
kkv_hclAuthor Commented:
    Thanks for your time. This is what exactly I was looking for.

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