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WMP loses album information when burning .WMA

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Last Modified: 2013-11-13
A friend asked me to copy a couple of CDs for him. They are in CD audio format.

To keep a good copy for myself I ripped them using WMP11 to WMA lossless format.

They were stored happily with Album and track info, complete with album covers.

As he wanted two copies of each.. I then dragged and dropped each WMA album and burnt two audio CDs  again using WMP11..

BUT when I try and play either of the copied CDs, the album info isn't there.

Winamp can't find it either?

What's going wrong?

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i wouldnt use wmp to rip the tracks... i know it does a crappy job of it... in fact i was working on a computer tonight where a fella ripped all of his music with wmp and it was poorly organized... to solve that you can probly rip the tracks with just about any other player such as jukebox or soemthing like that

I believe that's because you burnt them as audio discs, take a look at one of your audio discs is the tracks in CDA?
Burn them as Data discs or MP3  cd then they retain all the information just like the mp3 on your hdd.


Yes, they are CDA, but so are the original CDs. It seems to lose the data when burning CDA from WMA.

Strange. Anyway, I used CloneCd which works fine.

He wanted standard CD format as they are for someone who has an old stereo that doesn't support MP3.


Maybe they are losing their metada after you have burnt them in albums.
 I then dragged and dropped each WMA album<< you burnt an album?
Is this a selection of WMA in an album?
What if you drag and drop one single file at a time not in an ALBUM?
I never burn audio mp3 or any type of files with the folders they may lose the integrety.
Also you woudl never know what the file info is until you have input that into the media player of your choice.
Looks like this information  gets lost after the WMP11 burn.
try this on the WMA r/click it then properties > summery> add a comment then open the advanced and insert ithe data and any necessay information. Album Title Track number etc.

Windows media player does not actually burn the disc it uses your default burner software..  which is it?
Roxio ? Nero?
 If you have "mmswitch.ax" or neroburnplugin.dll  on your system, you should remove those - they don't work with WMP.  Or Don't use WMP to burn your CD's.
If you have ffdshow.ax  mpegsplitter.ax  donot play kindly with WMP 11.

There is a handful good help tips for WMP 11 if you have a problem with something.

I woudl burn a test cd, using the default burner Nero if you have it, then take the Audio files and drop onto the audio CD one at a time.
Then they may retain the information.


Now I'm confused ;-)  Ok, if I look at the properties, all the correct detail is there.

I have Nero installed.

I tried just burning the WMA tracks with Nero to make an audio CD, but it completely misread the info, Artist became 'track05' etc.

I tried ripping the CD with Mediamonkey, but that didn't even look up the artist (Pink Floyd) correctly.

I tried ripping with Bonkenq, which just falls over ;-(


hmm this is fun.. Give me a little time and I'll see what I can come up with. Definately something in those 2 areas,
they are WMA in this file format they have the full metadata and is a native format for WMP when dropped into WMP it can read all the information. Makes sense,
but then when you burn to disc as an audio cd  in Nero or any other burn software, converting WMA to CDA removes the digital rights manager and any file data

Once you click the Burn CD button, the files will automatically be converted into 44.1k/16bit audio
CDA file stored on discs simply points to the track and sector on a disc where a song begins.
All audio CDs will contain .CDA files.
The .cda files are representations of CD audio tracks and do not contain the actual pulse code modulation (PCM) information.
Also another very good point your computer can't store files in CDA format, so you still have to convert CDA files to another format to store on your hard disk. WMA as is this case.

MP3 CDs--These are data CDs consisting of MP3 files. Some MP3 players can also play WMA files, so if you want, you can mix formats on the MP3 CDs. Mixed-format CDs can be played on any computer, and are also compatible with a growing number of CD players, including CD portables and car stereos.

What format are audio CD files in?
An explanation of the CDA and CD-DA format

So my thesis is this:
 converting from WMA to CDA  removes the metada, probably better to burn a data  disc leaving the WMA as is for your own personal use on the PC.
My preferred is MP3 as all my CD disc players including DVD player on the TV supports playing Data discs MP3.
Even though they are CD.

I tried ripping with Bonkenq, which just falls over<< what is Bonkeng,  On that note I'd like to add having several burners with Nero is dangerous, Nero likes to be the burn king it lisenses itself to your CD/DVD recorder and is very sensative when it detects other burner software and may spit the dummie.


Thanks a lot..that seems to make a lot of sense...though it's interesting that there is metadata on the original cda tracks.

here's bonkenc...


Right never heard of this tool.
WMP 9 and 10 were the best for Audio
If I ever wish to convert my CDA bought audio discs to my hard drive to MP3  I use CDEX.
When extracting the CDA tracks CDEX adds all the files on the CD to a panel, here I add the track title Artist etc this stays within the MP3 as an ID tag3.
Also burning a copy of a copy may not help either. Try burning from the original disc copy only..
I think the problem here is the fact you use WMA>and  WMP to create the metadata or file information, once outside of WMP it nolonger recognises this information.
The original CDA are intact on the disc but once you remove them from CDA format convert to WMA  then back to CDA it has lost the original metada
I dont know if you can add ID tags3 to WMA without using a special ID tag3 software WMA is not supported for ID tags3

I also agree that is a problem, burning mp3 to audio discs I hated the fact all the track details dissapeared once converted to CDA format., so I only burn MP3 or data CD discs now.
These MP3 CD play fine in my DVD player.

from Microsoft Knowledgebase
Metadata Is Not Copied When You Make an Audio CD-ROM
When you make an audio CD-ROM in Windows XP from Windows Media Author (WMA) or .mp3 media, metadata information (title, artist, album, composer, and so on) is not copied.

The implementation of the Red Book CD Digital Audio format in Windows XP does not include metadata.
The Red Book (or system description) CD-Digital Audio (CD-DA) specifies the CD Digital Audio disc format including CD Graphics, CD (Extended) Graphics, CD TEXT, CD-MIDI, CD Single (8cm), CD Audio Maxi-single (12cm) and CDV Single (12cm). The description includes Main parameters, Audio specification, Disc specification, Optical stylus, Modulation system, Error correction system, and the Control and Display system.
" Microsoft Windows Media Player 8.01

Burning CDs in Windows Media Player..
It isn't possible to remove protection from files you have already ripped, but you can prevent files from being protected the next time you rip music from a CD. In addition, you can replace the existing protected files by ripping the CD again.
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Rip music tab.
Clear the Copy protect music check box. Files that you rip in the future will not be copy-protected.
(Optional) To replace your existing protected files
If you don't delete the files from both locations before ripping the tracks again, duplicate files will appear in your library.
Click the Library tab, right-click the files that you are having problems with, and then click Delete. If prompted, choose to delete the files from both your library and computer.
Rip the tracks from the CD again.

Managing your library, playlists, and media information
Ripping music from CDs
How to Burn a Music CD Xp



your welcome :)
Hope it all works out now.

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