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Receiving and Sending Emails

Sridhar Cherukuri
I have an exchange server which is used for local email communication. Now one of my user has an external email, but he does not have internet connection in LAN.

Now i want to forward the emails from his external account (abc@yahoo.com) to his local email and similary the email he is addressing to outside people should be sent through (abc@yahoo.com) via exchange server. How should this be configured?
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With SBS you can user the POP3 connector to grab his Yahoo email and direct it to his Exchange account. In server management go to internet and email you will see a link for manage POP3 email.
From external, he needs to configure his external mail server to redirect his email to his local account (Configure his abc@Yahoo.com to send to his local email address by making the settings in mail.yahoo.com).

For his local setup, you will need to add another SMTP record of abc@yahoo.com under his E-Mail Addresses profile in Exchange. Also, you should make that the default SMTP for him so that it shows as his e-mail address when he sends out e-mails.

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