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Dataviews with 2 tables

Hi, I really need some help with VB.NET

My company has an existing VB app that they want upgraded to vb.net.

The new application will contain a tree view that have nodes like Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 etc
Each category will expand out into some reports

The categorys are stored in table A and the reports in table B

I think to get this working I need to create a Dataview that contains a join of the 2 tables eg

Category 1 Report 1
Category 1 Report 2
Category 2 Report 3
Category 2 Report 4
Category 3 Report 5

Then use that Dataview to programatically populate the TreeView.

Im really stumped tho...Ive found stuff on the web that reckons u cant do this....

Can someone please walk me through this??

Any help would be great thx

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