Deploying a IIS 6 Application using WISE 7 ???

Hi Experts,

I need to deploy a IIS application on IIS 6. My steps would be,

1. Copy files in to the virtual directory
2. Restore IIS configuration file
3. Grant windows .ASPNET user privileges on some folders

4. Restore the DB on MS-SQL 2000

Any help file od doing this ??? HOWTOs ??

Please advice, Thanks !
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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Those linked articles do have step-by-step instructions.

The manual is also available at
Vadim RappCommented:
Help file has article "About Web Installations" , with links to other articles that have quite detailes walkthroughs. Did you check it out?

As for the database - the same Help has article "Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server During Installation"
NetMaxtorAuthor Commented:
ok thanks I'll check and let you know ! BTW is there any step by step HOWTO ?
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