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Stylus doesn't working with windows xp tablet laptop


The Stylus is no longer working on a Lenovo x41 windows xp tablet.  It has the latest pc updates.  The pen used to work fine previously.  I do not want to re-install the OS.  Any ideas.

Mouse everything else is working fine.
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>> The pen used to work fine previously

It looks like the Pen having the problems ...... suggest you use the pen to test in another notebook in order to make sure that the pen is failure .....
I agree with the above statement.

But if the pen does indeed work on another system, it could be one of 2 things:
If it was a software or utility setting, try a system restore back to when you remember it was working... otherwise it may have simply been disabled... your system may have one of those Fn+X key combinations.

hope this helps.



Other pens do not work either.  

>> Other pens do not work either.  

So I suspect is the "touch screen" having the problems if others pen do not work either ........ changing the screen might solve the problem ......... Good Luck !!
What operating system is the notebook currently running? Windows XP or Windows Tablet PC Edition, also have you checked your device manager, to see if there are any components/devices that are missing drivers?

Try reinstalling the wacom driver for the pen found here:

Also have you tried a system restore to before the pen stopped working? If it does start working after you do the system restore you might be headed to a reinstall.

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