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Mark external mails with different color

attila01 asked
Hi All,

Iis there a tool available, which would highlight the e-mails coming from externals in another colour or any other different visual style (bold etc.)?
Or could I change the (Who) column's properties of the Inbox in a way e.g. if the sender address contains @ then display the address with bold characters?
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brwwigginsIT Manager
I haven't seen where you can do this in the client. As for modifying the template, you would need to modify the colorcolumn and not the who but that would even be tricky. It depends on what you would classify as external? Internet messages, separate notes domain?

Even then, depending on your environment you might received messages from internal users in SMTP (internet) format and it would be tricky to program.
You can use message marking available from your inbox. Open your Inbox, go to "Tools"-> Mail -> Message Marking.
It would be possible to program - but as brwwiggins pointed it could be tricky - depending on number of internal SMTP domians and number of your domino hierarachies.



Do you mean: Inbox - Tools - Preferences - selecting the Colors tab?

Yes, that's work. I have to enter all the names or domains there on by one, though.
But the user must live with that because I haven't enough time to change the template only for one user.

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