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How do I correct my ACT database so that I do not receive the above error message everytime I exit?

I have been using ACT! Version 6 for the past 4 years on my desktop computer running windows XP.  Recently I have been receiving the message 'An unknown error has caused ACT! to shut down.  You will loose any unsaved data' everytime I exit ACT after inserting new contacts into my database or changing menu drop down options, or changing anything that does not save automatically before I exit.  Having searched other error message results on the net I see that several people recommend updating to a newer version of ACT, but ACT version 6 is the only one where I can generate and edit html emails to the individual entries in my database.  The downside is that ACT version 6 is not compatible with windows Vista so I will inevidently have to change at some point in the future.
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Mark DamenERP System Manager

Upgrading the version is probably not 100% necessary.  I would check out a couple of things to try and sort your problems:

1.  Ensure that you have all the latest patches and fixes applied to that version

2.  Backup your database.  Reinstall ACT!.  Apply patches/fixes.  Restore your database.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

Regarding the error, there are 2 possibilities:
1. The Database is damaged
2. The Application is damaged

To check this, do you get the same error if you are in a different database (eg the Demo database) when you close ACT!?
Have you run a Compress/Reindex?
Have you run ACTDiag Maintenance?

When you say "generate and edit html emails to the individual entries in my database" - do you mean in a merge, or individual emails?


1. I do not get the same error when opening, inserting new data and then closing the Demo database.  Everything works fine on the Demo database.
2. I have run a Compress/Reindex
3. I have run ACTDiag Maintenance
4. I mail merge using ACT 6 email
Act! Evangelist - CRM Consultant
You might try both of these:

A common way to clean ACT! 6 databases is to create a new database, re-create the fields and users, then import the data from the original database

You could also try RedFlag from http://www.cornerstonesolutions.com/redflag.html

The best way to mail merge from ACT! 6 is to use MergeMaster!. You can download a trial copy from http://www.glcomputing.com.au/main/15/2

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