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Outlook 2003 inbox does not allow me to right click message and access menu

russell_its asked
When I right click on a item in my inbox, I don't get the menu that pops up
that allows me to flag messages or delete them or anything. My right click
works everywhere else in Outlook except in the Inbox. I see this question
has been asked a few times before, but no one has really answered it. Can
anyone help me out?
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Have you tried Detect & Repair under the HELP menu? As you mentioned this q has been asked a few times without a solution possibly meant you might need to reinstall Outlook completely.

Hope this helps.


First i tried a "detect and repair" which did not fix the problem, also a complete removal of office 2003, reboot system and re-install complete with SP3 and still no luck.
I have also just found an issue with opening attatched .MSG within emails which gives me an error "object not found". Pleae help!!! I really want to avoid a complete rebuild over stupid silly problems like this... Apart from these two problems everything seems to be working fine in Outlook..
I had the same issue and got it fixed by deleting the Windows user profile from the Systems Properties + Advanced + Users Profiles tab and re-creating a new profile.  This should take care of the issue.


Thanks.... It worked!

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