Can't Connect to a Network Printer

I have installed a new Server runnnig 2003, but it has not been promoted.
I have also installed a printer driver for a network printer, but if I install the printer on the pc (2000) it always requests the Admin password, which is ok and everything installs and the user can print, but as soon as they shut down their pc at night, the connection is lost when they boot up in the morning because the Admin password is required again, which I cannot give them for obvious reasons.

How can I connect the printer to the pc so that is available all the time even after they re-boot.

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David WallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this, on the client pc go to add printer  at welcome to the add printer wizard click next, local or network printer select local printer attacjhed to this computer( nothing else) in select priinter port  select the "create a printer port , and in the drop down box select Standard TCP/IP Port , then select next click through the next screen to add port in the" printer name or Ip address "  type in the ip address of the printer.  next and then finish, then add your driver in the normal way..
David WallCommented:
Does the printer have its own print server? or is it shared from the printer.

If the printer has its own print server card You should try connecting the PC to the printer via a local ip port?  
Steveh24Author Commented:
It is an HP printer with a built in Jetdirect box that was configured during the installation to have a fixed IP that is within the networks private IP range.

The Printer was then shared, so that it was available in AD so that it can be found by searching for it when adding a printer on the pc

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Steveh24Author Commented:
Sorry, talking rubbish above, there is no AD to make available to.

The server can only be seen in network neighbourhood as a workgroup, is this the problem ??

Do you have the server 2003 running DNS, if so that would be the problem.  The user on the pc dosen't log into the server, so that's why it's always asking for authentication.  If you login in to the server with the admin user and password or add a user to that server, the authentication should go away.

I hope I just made sense.
Steveh24Author Commented:
That worked fine, printer is now working, the user just has to remember to leave their PC on
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