Best Charset NLS_LANG for new oracle 11G data warehouse, FTSE100 UK based company

What would the best character set be for a new data warehouse in Oracle 11G.

The considerations are:
-Application supported charactersets (for example Cognos, Business Objects will report on the data)
-Data is being migrated from DB2 using Informatica
-Company is very large UK based with international operations, future considerations must be taken into account (but Chinese support is ruled out / not required).
- Want to avoid the scenario of changing NLS_LANG on the database later in the development cycle

I am suggesting UTF8 and setting a standard of Unicode character sets cross enterprise. What limitations (if any will this impose). Is it better to go for a more local Western Europe NLS_LANG parameter ?


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sujith80Connect With a Mentor Commented:
NLS_LANG - is not an attribute of your database. It is a client side environment setting that tells Oracle about the client side character set info.

If you are planning to support multiple regions, the safest would be to have your database in UTF-8 character set.
momi_sabagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
unless you have some special symbols on your db2 side, you won't have problems using what ever character set you want
informatica should be able to handle the conversions
schwertnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AL32UTF8 is the most universal Character set of Oracle 11g (up to 4 bytes UTF8 encoding).
Choose it wnen creating a new Data base using DBCA utility of Oracle.
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